Mystic Realm is a level mod for Sonic Robo Blast 2 that gives the player 7 full zones, at least 7 secret zones, and tons of hidden secrets for the player to find.

Mystic Realm is designed to be challenging, so be forewarned, high difficulty and frustration lies ahead, but determined players will find the biggest SRB2 experience yet.


Mystic - (12/06/2010):
Mystic Realm v4.5 is out for SRB2 2.0 thanks to the porting efforts of Ezer.Arch, Kaysakado, Prime 2.0, and SpiritCrusher.

Mystic - (03/18/2007):
Mystic Realm v4.4 has been out for a while, but I forgot to update this page to say that.

Mystic - (03/19/2006):
Mystic Realm v4.3 has been released. This fixes some things that have been annoying me for a while, such as breakable walls not being visible and some level design quirks.

Mystic - (02/18/2006):
Mystic Realm v4.2 has been released. Like 4.1, this fixes some bugs, and also revamps Aerial Garden's emerald stage.

Mystic - (11/21/2005):
Mystic Realm v4.1 has been released. This should fix a few problems in the last release, and it also adds a little bit more stuff to mess with.

Mystic - (09/11/2005):
Mystic Realm v4 has been released!

Mystic - (09/05/2005):
Mystic Realm v4 is currently ready for release, and is now prepared for launch when 1.09 is released. Look to this space for more information later.

Mystic - (08/18/2005):
Updated the levels section to show progress again. Fixed a bunch of errors, and added an about page to clarify a few things.

Mystic - (06/04/2005):
Updated the levels section to show progress. Also added more information on the stage you enter when you collect all the emeralds.

Mystic - (05/12/2005):
Added Mudhole Karst Zone to the download page, a one-act zone that will be where the first emerald will be located in Mystic Realm 4. Give it a quick play-through, and look around for secrets, there are quite a few.

Mystic - (04/10/2005):
Updated the website with all new screenshots. I also changed the progress meters to reflect what I've been doing to Mystic Realm's emerald collection. For those who haven't heard from IRC, the emeralds will be collected by activating a Mystic Temple in a zone's act 2. This will change the exit of the stage to a secret 1 act zone where the player can find the emerald on the ground at the end. This'll hopefully be more fun than just picking up a token and beating the stage.

Mystic - (12/31/2004):
Created new website with an actual layout. This should make this website a little easier to well, actually use. Obviously from the way it looks, it was thrown together in less than an hour, but at least it's more functional...