News Archives - January 2002

Mystic - (01/27/2002):
Alright. I haven't updated in like, a month, so I guess it's about time I sit around and at least make a news update. Basically, I'm currently in a slump of activity on all of my projects. Pretty much all that's happened is that ALZ1 is fixed up so there aren't any stupid glitches. I did minor updates on the site, but you probably won't notice them.

Mystic - (01/08/2002):
I got a new little toy for working with in SRB2, so I made a hunting version of Crawla Valley Zone. If you're bored, go ahead and try it.

Mystic - (01/07/2002):
I released Mystic Battle Script 3.1 Release (in the Stuff section). For those who care, this version includes new items, bugfixes, and a /desc command which is entertaining if it's 3 AM.

Mystic - (01/06/2002):
Minor update. Yeehah. In the news department, SRB2 Demo 4.1 is now out, and I'm just about done with MBS 3.1. After working on that, I should be able to continue with Sonic 2Z, and work on Autumn Lakes 2.

Mystic - (01/04/2002):
This is more of a minor website tweak instead of a major update. I added a FAQ to hopefully get rid of some of the questions I get, and I added a few things in between everything to help with the site as a whole. Hopefully I'll be done with something entertaining soon to give to you all.