News Archives - March 2002

Mystic - (03/31/2002): update today. I'll just make a list:
1. Sonic 2Z is on hold until I get myself motivated enough to wade through the hell that is Hill Top Zone's tileset. HTZ uses the same tileset as EHZ, but it is patched in a way that makes it so that SonED/Chaos can't view the tiles the way they are in-game. Hence, when I edit the level, half of the tiles view as gibberish, since I can't see which tiles work and which don't. Basically, I've got my work cut out for me here. I might have to just go work on Mystic Caves while I bug Stealth to make a patch to fix that =P
2. My computer was just reformatted, so I cannot send/receive mail for a while. I also don't currently have AIM/ICQ on my computer, and I probably won't install them for a time. If you want to contact me, I lurk on the A51 message board and on #srb2.
3. I beat Final Fantasy X. Unless you have something against popular RPG series, you owe it to yourself to buy and complete that game. Sure, it's linear, but the plot is top-notch. This is one of those "must-play" games.

Mystic - (03/17/2002):
Here's a small update to make sure I don't get any "MYSTIC WAKE UP" emails =P.
I did minor adjustments around the site, and I added a few random WADs for the bored. Have fun ^_^

Mystic - (03/04/2002):
Well, I have an absolutely huge update today. First off, I have the final release of v.0.40 of Sonic 2Z. Now, all of the first four zones are completed and ready to play. The special stage requirements are also altered to make them harder. Next on the list of things to do is redesigning Hill Top Zone. I also have a new numbering system for the version numbers, so v.0.40 means that 4 zones are complete, to make the numbers actually mean something.

I added an old version archives for those of you with some itching to download something useless, and I cleaned up a few pages.