News Archives - April 2002

Mystic - (04/24/2002):
Fourth daily update O_O...Today we have the launcher I built for SRB2 Demo 4.32. Since I didn't finish it in time, and it's just sitting on my hard drive, I might as well release it. Anyone who plays SRB2 netgames will probably find this VERY useful.

In other news, I changed the palettes for Metropolis and Wing Fortress. I will release the new shots when I finish working on them.

Mystic - (04/23/2002):
Three updates in a row? I must be sick or something? I uploaded Sonic 2Z Version 0.45. Now you can play through the insane Red Caverns Zone Act 1. This level is VERY hard, keeping with the tradition of Jersey Shores Zone Act 2. Also new in this release is a fix on BHZ1 so I don't have to use the spike pits to kill you in the pinball machines. If you find any bugs, please don't hesitate to tell me, as this release wasn't tested as long as my other ones.

Mystic - (04/22/2002):
Updated the Screenshots page to show the new level progression. Also cleaned up the page directory to deal with the large quantities of garbage that's accumulated in these 6 months.

Mystic - (04/21/2002):
Updated the notes a bit. In news for Sonic 2Z, for now I'm going to go on to Mystic Caves. Hill Top is just too hard to possibly attempt to make a decent level edit in. If some new technology allows for me to edit HTZ, I probably will, but as of current, consider HTZ out of the level progression.

I also added a lot of old copies of Sonic 2Z into the downloads section for amusement. Private Beta 0 is quite funny when you look at it =P

Mystic - (04/16/2002):
Small release today. I released v.0.41 of Sonic 2Z today. This version is more of a fix than a new release, as all it really features is some work done on Teal Isles Zone to deal with some irritations I had with my original design. Although it is SLIGHTLY easier now, don't get cocky =P

I also added a new deathmatch WAD for Sonic Robo Blast 2. Check it out as well, as it uses the translucent water feature in Demo 4.3X.

Mystic - (04/06/2002):
Yet another cleanup update. Hopefully I'll have something interesting soon...

Mystic - (04/04/2002):
Just cleaned up the left bar because it was too big for 800x600 resolution X_X

Mystic - (04/03/2002):
Minor update today. Changed the buttons on the left side, and as always, did minor tweaks all around. In the news department, I'm cleaning up Teal Isles a bit. As it was the first thing I hacked, quite a few sections were me experimenting, shall we say. (Teal Isles was done before I got SonED, with Chaos, at least originally.) Basically, this means in the next release, Teal Isles will be cleaned up, with less random objects and more correctly positioned tiles. I've also made TIZ1 a tiny bit easier (don't get your hopes up, whiners =P) to deal with some nagging issues I had in the old layout.