News Archives - July 2002

Mystic - (07/28/2002):
Well, I got that e-mail from Andy that said my bandwidth has skyrocketed since I installed the IkonBoard. Hence, to keep this nice space, I've deleted it.

Sorry for anyone who liked it...guess it's just too good to last X_X

Mystic - (07/10/2002):
Alright, first off, the new forum is now ready, so I ditched the evil EZBoard link.

Second, I've uploaded a fix for the new launcher that fixes the problem with the MaxPlayers. Now you can finally say how many people you want without doing it the hard way in SRB2.

I have a little project that I'm working on, that should be launched soon. After that, work on Sonic 2Z should resume again. Sorry about the long wait.