News Archives - August 2002

Mystic - (08/15/2002):
Since Ultima requested me do so, I created a list of the objects in my SonED DOS config file. This file is now in the notes section of my website. I also updated the Editors section in the Notes section to reflect the fact that SonED is now freeware.

Mystic - (08/11/2002):
Work has resumed on Sonic 2Z, and you can expect a new copy hopefully sometime before hell freezes over =P. Although I now maintain the Addons section on, I'm going to leave the WADs section up until I decide what to do with it. (And judging by the speed at which I make decisions, you've got about a year to mosey on down and read anything in there X_X)

Also, the new palettes for MZ and WFZ are basically done, so I changed the screenshots sections to reflect the change.