News Archives - September 2001

Mystic - (09/26/2001):
Added a guide for Teal Isles Zone Act 1 to the Sonic 2Z section. This is mainly designed to help those of you who want to play it, but really have no idea where to e ven start out. It does however show all the 1-ups, so experienced playeds might want to pick it up too.

Mystic - (09/24/2001):
Added a preview of Sonic 2Z Demo 2 into the Sonic 2Z section. Hopefully I will get some stuff for SRB2 around here sooner or later. There would be another demo of Sonic 2Z out already, but unfortunately, Casino Night is not very happy with me, so you'll just have to deal with what is there =P
I also loaded some emblem scores and my person best scores for Sonic 2Z for you all to try and beat. See if you can pull them off.

Mystic - (09/15/2001):
Uploaded Sky Valley Zone (DM). As quality control, I have deleted most everything else, so don't be surprised to see the categories very empty. Also, Sonic 2Z is now on the sidebar, so that will be the official site for it. I don't have any updates since SAGE though.