News Archives - October 2001

Mystic - (10/26/2001):
This was sort of a rummage update. I went through my old files and found interesting old stuff to give out, so enjoy. I also fixed up a few of the pages that didn't look very good, and added a few links.

Mystic - (10/23/2001):
More fixing of stupid stuff. Next update should probably be something more interesting.
Also, try e-mailing me or visiting the forum. I'd like to get some feedback, as it is useful to the progress of the project.

Mystic - (10/17/2001):
Well, basically this was a quick "fixing stuff up" update, but I decided to add some stuff while I was at it. There are now screens of the upcoming levels beyond Hill Top Zone, I updated the Progress page to show my current status, and not that of demo 2. I also fixed a few of the colors, and other random things that cropped up on the page.
I would also like to thank the community of your largely positive response to this project. It's always nice to have your hard work rewarded ^_^

Stealth - (10/14/2001):
It's my fault, I'm an idiot :P. I made the first patch from an unclean ROM, which is bigger than the clean one. So if any of you have already downloaded it and it crashed the patcher, that's why. A new one is up now.
I almost made it without an error.. Still so tired..

Mystic - (10/14/2001):
Sonic the Hedgehog 2Z has moved! You can now view it on the SSRG, or by clicking on the link to it from the Sonic 2Z section.

Mystic - (10/13/2001):
Learned HTML, built site, loaded it to SSRG. Tired as heck.
::falls over and sleeps::

Mystic - (10/05/2001):
Loaded yet ANOTHER batch of screenshots for Sonic 2Z. This time, it's of Casino Night Zone. (Name still being worked on.)

Anyways, enjoy the screens, and when I get it to a order worth releasing, I will.

CNZ Screens: 1 2 3 4 5 6