News Archives - November 2001

Mystic - (11/30/2001):
Noticed an HTML error. Fixed it. Added Splash Page. How's THAT for a boring update =P
In other news, I've starting to get somewhere in ARZ1, so we might end up with a new demo sometime before hell freezes over. =P

Mystic - (11/25/2001):
Alright, I added a notes page, so anyone wondering how I did some of the things I did can now find out. The notes are geared towards people using SonED, but you can still use them without it.

Mystic - (11/12/2001):
Well, lets hear it for news updates O_O. I fixed up a few things, but that's besides the point. Currently, I have a lot of projects, so everything is sorta going slow. I'll just list for simplicity's sake:

Sonic 2Z: Currently going slow. Aquatic Ruin Zone is not designed to be edited, so it's quite slow going. I am about 25% of the way through ARZ1.
Sonic Robo Blast II: In preparation for the release of Demo 4, I have been churning out a lot of maps to be used in it. A few of them will probably weave their way into Demo 4 itself, so if you like SRB2, keep a look out.
Mystic Battle Script v.3.0 (mIRC Script): Just about done, almost ready for release. Mostly just waiting for Cinossu to fix that up.
Sonic Adventure 2: Yes. I am addicted. BAD. Got it three weeks ago, so I really haven't gotten much sleep...172 emblems...must...get...other...8... ::falls onto floor::

In other news, I'm also having a little difficulty with schoolwork, which is also hampering my efforts to do stuff. If you're waiting for Sonic 2Z Demo 3, I can say with a decent amount of certainty that it will be a long time before that comes out, so I'd suggest you hunker down, play Demo 2, maybe go d/l some of the other oddities I have here. But I can also say with authority that when I do finally get Demo 3 out, it will not be some cheesy two-second job that is full of glitches. I am going to keep the standard of quality as best I can, and I hope to keep it up, despite how evil ARZ is.

This is Mystic, signing off for the night.

Mystic - (11/05/2001):
Augh! Stupid me made this text already...
Anyways, I uploaded some Sonic Robo Blast II WAD Files from my other site, so I can give the webspace to someone else. If you haven't seen them already somehow, go ahead and download them, as they're quite good.