News Archives - December 2001

Mystic - (12/30/2001) #2:
Two updates in one day? Right that down in the record books O_O
Today, we have another WAD for your SRB2 enjoyment, the special stage pack. This pack overwrites all 7 special stages in SRB2 for more entertainment.

Mystic - (12/30/2001):
Sorry about the delay with updating the site. I've been addicted to Smash Brothers Melee, which as many people have already said, is one of the sweetest games in a LONG time.

I now have SonED for Windows, so whenever I actually GET to working on Sonic 2Z, it'll be much faster =P

In other news, Sonic Robo Blast 2 Demo 4 is out, and to celebrate, I'm going to release my Demo 4 WADfile, Aerial Garden Zone. This level is just one of those things you'll have to try to believe. I kept the Sonic 2Z style of challenge for this, so get prepared to throw computer parts across the house.

Yay... I did all of you in #srb2 can shut yer pie holes >_<

Mystic - (12/17/2001):
Well, I've got a LOT of news today. I'll start with the good news. I have uploaded some pics of Autumn Lakes Zone for those who don't want to d/l the actual file.

Autumn Lakes Zone: 1 2 3 4

I also have some screens of my newest work in the world of SRB2. Called Aerial Gardens Zone, this level combines bottomless pits with many new enemies to completely annhilate you. I warn you, this level will be as hard as Sonic 2Z =P

Aerial Gardens Zone: 1 2 3

Also, I have some bad news on all fronts. My grades are sucking bad enough that my parents are restricting my time on video games. Although they don't mind as much when I use the computer for other uses, video game time is now restricted except on weekends. This means that work on my projects is probably going to be a LOT slower for a while, so please bear with me. Thank you ^_^

Mystic - (12/13/2001):
The zip file was corrupt, so I fixed it, and I also added the new navigation graphic. I also added ARZ1 to the scores page. Try topping 55 seconds =P

Mystic - (12/09/2001):
I uploaded a new beta copy of Sonic 2Z. Now ARZ1 is basically done. Told you it was going faster.
I also did some tweaks to the webpage, although they're so minor no-one here should even notice them =P

Mystic - (12/08/2001):
Well, minor things abound. I fixed the banner so it looks better, and I did some other minor additions. In Sonic 2Z news, thanks to Stealth letting me edit the object definitions for SonED, my work on ARZ is going MUCH faster. I'd expect this stuff to really start getting done faster now. I've also got some ideas for things I'd like to do if I ever do get done with all the levels ^_~

Mystic - (12/05/2001):
Alright, because this is taking forever, and we all know it, I'm going to add a more current beta to the download as well as the more stable demo copy. This one, (which I am dubbing v.0.22 for now) has some of the palettes shown in the pictures, and I fixed many glitches I found when letting my friends play at school. A small amount of ARZ is edited as well. I also added a "Stuff" thing onto the sidebar for things other than Sonic 2Z, like my WAD files.