Frequently Asked Questions

To try and deal with some of those nagging questions I get often enough, I'm now making a FAQ to answer most of the major ones. Here we go:

1. How did you make this hack?
I did it with Sonic HackingWiz Pro, Chaos, SonED, and a LOT of time on my hands.

2. How do I get it to patch?
To patch the file, you'll need to get sonic2.bin and an IPS patcher. I suggest using StealthPatch, which will ask you to add the extra data, and is much easier to use than MS-DOS =P

3. What emulator do you use?
I personally use Gens, which supports Sonic 2 perfectly and does not slow down at all on my pathetic excuse for a computer. Other good ones to use are KGen and DGen. I do NOT recommend using Genecyst for playing Sonic 2, as it has a lot of trouble underwater in CPZ2 and ARZ.

4. This game is impossible! How is there any way to beat this?
I assure you, it is possible...just not very easy. If you're entering a new area, I'd suggest slowing down so as not to run into a trap without seeing it. When you play through an area you remember, then it's more suggested to run like the wind. Don't go any faster than your skill can handle, or you're gonna regret it.

5. How in hell do you beat Jersey Shores Zone 2?
I built this level to be VERY hard, and obviously, lots of people find it to be this hard. There is one section where most people die, with two platforms above a pit. I assure you, if you keep trying, you WILL beat it. Use savestates if you're the type who likes to cheat. If you REALLY can't beat it, there is a way to get around it via a hidden passage somewhere else in the level, but it's not easy to find.

6. What is required to run this?
You need an emulator and a Sonic 2 ROM. I suggest Gens for Windows, and KGen98 for DOS. Both of these emulators are very accurate and have good speed.

If you don't see the answer to your question, feel free to contact me.