Welcome to Sonic the Hedgehog 2Z's Homepage. The objective of this project is to create a harder version of Sonic 2 by hacking the ROM. So far I have gotten a decent amount of work done, and hope you enjoy my work. Have fun, and please don't damage your USB controller.

Mystic - (04/18/2004):
I updated the site, adding a forum and chat, and removing the "Stuff" and putting it in its proper place in my webspace's index. I am indeed working on Sonic 2Z again, hopefully on the route to finishing it for real this time. The full ROM download has since died, so you'll have to try the patching. Sorry.

Mystic - (11/02/2003):
Well it has come to my attention that the ROM I used to create the patch is corrupted. Uh, oops. I got a clean copy from Ultima, so it should work now. (Hopefully)

Also, Ultima got me a mirror of the full ROM, if you REALLY can't get it to work. It's hosted on the new SSRG, so it's kinda slow. Hence, please use the patch if possible.

Mystic - (10/27/2003):
Wow. This project seems possible to complete now. Version 0.50 is now out. Get it at the downloads page. Red Caverns Zone is done. Now all that is left is the maze of Rust Tower, Airship Array, and Death Egg. Hopefully, I can finish this all before I get bored again. =P

Mystic - (10/26/2003):
Alrighty, I'm sure you guys aren't going to believe this, but I'm actually going to revive this project. All links on the website are now fixed, and progress is being made on the hack itself. I have removed Oil Ocean from the progression because to be blunt, I never liked that level, and it never seemed to serve any purpose to me. This lowers the number of zones to eight, but it also means that each zone can have more time devoted to making it the best that I possibly can.

Mystic - (02/03/2003):
Yeah, this project is about as dead as you think it is, but the site is still here, on a new server. I'll update the site later to deal with the death of the SSRG.

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