Sonic must pass through many dangerous areas before confronting Robotnik himself. From tropical islands to glamourous casinos to deadly factories, Sonic has his work cut out for him. Here is what is planned for Sonic the Hedgehog 2Z's level progression.

Teal Isles Zone (EHZ):
This tropical island has been overrun by Robotnik's badniks, and Sonic must fight both the badniks and the terrain, as pits hide around every corner to hinder your progress.

Jersey Shores Zone (CPZ):
The biggest factory in New Jersey has been taken by Dr. Robotnik, and he's using it to create a large amount of robots. The bright water also makes for a drowning hazard, which cannot be taken lightly.

Autumn Lakes Zone (ARZ):
The fall has turned this mountainside lakeshore into a beautiful autumn landscape. Unfortunately, Robotnik has filled this zone with traps and badniks. Sonic must clear out the bots, above and below the water.

Blue Horizon Zone (CNZ):
The blue cityscape has created a beautiful night life, but the evil lurkers have come out of the alleys. Pinball machines create unnatural hazards, and spike pits of doom can cause Sonic to have a very bad day.

Red Caverns Zone (MCZ):
The mountains spike, leaving an underground shortcut to Robotnik's lair. Unfortunately, Robotnik has filled the path with badniks hunting for Chaos Emeralds. Sonic must stop Eggman's efforts and find the exit to the maze of passageways.

Rust Tower Zone (MZ):
Robotnik's gigantic base of mangled mechanical chaos stretches for miles. Sonic must find Robotnik and put a stop to his base of operations. Robotnik isn't about to let him, though, and has set up countless traps to keep Sonic at bay.

Airship Array Zone (WFZ):
Robotnik's incredible airborne base has many surprises in store for Sonic, as the final confrontation between good and evil takes place in the clear blue sky.

Death Egg Zone:
Robotnik has built a large space station in orbit. Sonic must knock it out of the sky if there is ever to be peace on the planet.